HRMIS Grade Promotion Application

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User Guide : Medical Officers

1. HRMIS front page

HRIMS Front Page
Login to HRMIS home page
Click on 'Medical officer login'   click here

If not created yet  click here

Enter your SLMC number and password
Click on 'User profile'
Login to your profile

2. Medical officer's profile

MO profile
Click on 'Grade Details' tab  
It will show your current grade details

If current grade details are wrong  click here

Click on leave detals and check whether the number of leaves after the latest grade promotion is updated

If your number of leaves are wrong  click here

Click on 'Go to Grade Promotion Application' if above issues are not there

3. Grade Promotion Application Form

Grade Promotion Application Form Grade Promotion Application Form
Afetr filling the application form, Click on 'Submit'
Then you can view and download the application
Print your application and handed over to the relevant subbject officer with required documents

4. Change Application Details

Change Application Details
If you want to reset the application details, click on 'Reset Request' and correct relevant details
Please contact relevant Subject officer at your institution after your submission

5. 'Status' and 'Action' Details

'Status' and 'Action' Details
After receiving the application by relavant Subject Officer, the status will change to 'Application received'.
Status will change in the following way when grade promotion application is processed
Application Requested
Application Received
Forwarded to EC
Received to EC
Forwarded to PSC
Sent to Institute
Grade Promoted

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